The Book

The founders journey is neither steady, nor straight, bouncing between extreme emotional states while balancing ever-changing priorities. Consumed with what is immediately before them, a myopic view develops impacting how they act, feel, and think.

Though this is admired from the outside as a strength, it is experienced as a constant sense of sacrifice. The lucky find success early, fueling their appetites, but the unfortunate majority suffer until they succumb.

Success need not be elusive, however. The stories of success and failure, the experiences of mentors, and the mindfulness of individuals all offer the template for surviving the startup experience — even one that does not end in fame and fortune.

This book offers a framework for making mindful decisions. Its goal is to help replace the guilt and anxiety of survival with the tools of the successful. It won’t make you rich, but it will keep you from feeling like shit.

The Topics

While we're constantly adding more to the book, here are a number of the topics we'll be exploring:

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